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Malkinteam is a new brand established by NHL celebrity Eugene Malkin. Our brand is young and ambitious. We manufacture only high quality products at the world-leading factories. Style, subjugation, singularity, finest quality and community are the foundations of our brand. Malkinteam brand is not just a simple new company. We are one family from the first to the last purchase :)


History of brand - Brand MALKIN was registered in 2015 under Eugene Malkin's direct participation. All rights reserved by company "МиГ" (MiG) Ltd. with Eugene as a member of the founders. At the beginning our retail points were located only in Rostov-on-Don and Magnitogorsk; after a while we've spread an affiliate program and online store across Russia and some of the CIS countries as (which is going to move to а .ru domain soon). Today we also have a current agreement with «СпортДепо» ("SportDepo") as an implementer of our products. At present we are also entering the USA and Canada markets. We appreciate American and Canadian people's opinions about our goods and their quality.


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